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Tattooed Clementines
5cm round | 2" round

English, the most broadly spoken language on Earth has always been nuanced, but is being actually affected by the communities of speakers practicing it. English was a spoken language for centuries, and in the many attempts to record it, came many spelling variations.. Hpæt is the first word of Beowulf, the first ever written English text, somewhere between 700 and 1000 A.D.,  interpreted as “what”. “What” is the first word printed by a press in 1473 by Caxton. Wat, which has been a spelling variant of “what” with Dutch influence, reappears as an abbreviation in typed text, a spelling mistake, and adopted by meme culture. Language is a subject that wavers between permanence and constant modification of the speaker,,  much like the suggested eternity of tattoos, on a material that mimics human skin, the outward projection of the speaker, in an exaggerated ephemeral form.

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