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Studio Longo | Rome, Italy
Group show Curated by Valeria De Siero
Ottica Spiezia | Rome, Italy Installation curated by Benedetta Monti
Laboratorio KH | Rome, Italy
Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto
La Nuova Pesa | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto
Arte in Costruzione Ricci S.p.A. Grant | Rome, Italy Curva Pura | Rome, Italy
Curva Pura
Two-person exhibition curated by Nicoletta Provenzano

Piazze Romane Grant | Rome, Italy
In Collaboration with Municipio I Roma 2020
Povos | Chicago, Illinois
Palazzo Ducale | Genova, Italy
Nocturnal Pop | Montclair, New Jersey

LINM | Jersey City, New Jersey
Can-O-Paint | New Brunswick, New Jersey
Industry City | Brooklyn, New York Los Perros Locos  | New York, New York

Art Kitchen | Newark, New Jersey

Alexandra Fongaro was born in New Jersey in 1993. She received her BFA from Parsons The New School in 2015 and her MFA from RUFA in 2023.  She uses installative or situated painting to explore the world, where fragments of body and nature become the vocabulary. Her work is concerned with how a painting relates to and occupies space in reality, and how that memory translates digitally. She is in constant dialogue with the viewer, in promoting  the democracy of the arts. She currently lives and works in Rome.

B I O G R A P H Y 


I do not actively pursue subjects, the muses make themselves apparent to me, in my dreams and my reality. They may be unable to distinguish 
these realms and exist in between in the context of a painting. I am a medium in which they guide and my experiences and desires lend themselves to what they wish to communicate. They are concerned with fragments and my perception fixes itself on a single point: a hip, a flower, a tile and often matter ceases to exist 
past these points- there is a void, uncertainty, or world that exists outside the painted subject.

I explore the translation and symbiosis of traditional media into digital media in my work, by establishing a common ground of visual stimulus, yet relying on their inherent differences to create two unique experiences: the analog and digital. Movement is the unifying motif that guides this exploration. It may present  itself through the discovery of a collection of movements specified in time, through frames or animation, or the transformative experience of the viewer moving  around the work itself. Even when creating two dimensional works, the application of the paint and how its quality changes, by moving physically around it as the viewer, is always considered.
I search and am found to present my work in contexts which allow the public to experience my work in places with an ithos of inclusion and accessability. I compose my paintings with exaggeration, embellished by the void or negative space they are often situated in. This serves as a reminder of the material quality of the work and an invitation for the viewer to fill the space with their own projected images. 

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