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Alexandra Fongaro was born in New Jersey in 1993. She currently lives and works in Rome.

B I O G R A P H Y 


The impossibility and infinity of painting are the driving factors of the painter’s practice. The images and experiences that we produce and imagine, can all exist together, lightly bound by the constraints of the real physical realm.


The introduction of the real and imagined realms presents itself through the form of a container or frame. This frame can take the form of an installation or spatial context, but are always bound by what appears to be a void, the untouched canvas, paper, glass or wood. Instead, this frees the subject from the limits of time and space, it serves as a pause, as a moment for the spectator to project their own forms.


The artist expresses subtle movement, that which, appears to have remained unchanged for centuries, the habit of a nun, botany, our flesh. She fossilizes the xilema of our existence and that which remains after.

Contemporanea Art | Tagliacozzo, Italy
Finalist for X Edition Prize
Palazzo Farnese | Rome, Italy
In collaboration with Institut Français Italia & the French Embassy in Italy
Casa Cent'anni | Rome, Italy
Group show curated by Roberta Argenta
YAG Garage | Pescara, Italy
Finalist for Lazio Prize III Edition

Studio Longo | Rome, Italy
Group show curated by Valeria De Siero
Ottica Spiezia | Rome, Italy
Installation curated by Benedetta Monti
Laboratorio KH | Rome, Italy
Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto
La Nuova Pesa | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto
Arte in Costruzione Ricci S.p.A. Grant | Rome, Italy
Curva Pura | Rome, Italy
Double solo exhibition curated by Nicoletta Provenzano

Piazze Romane Grant | Rome, Italy
In Collaboration with Municipio I Roma
Povos | Chicago, Illinois
Palazzo Ducale | Genova, Italy
Nocturnal Pop | Montclair, New Jersey

LINM | Jersey City, New Jersey
Can-O-Paint | New Brunswick, New Jersey
Industry City | Brooklyn, New York Los Perros Locos  | New York, New York

Art Kitchen | Newark, New Jersey

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