Biography: Alexandra Fongaro is an Italian-American figurative oil and watercolor painter born and raised in a New Jersey suburb. She studied at Pratt and Parsons the New School, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015. She is currently pursuing her Master's in Painting at the Rome University of Fine Arts, Italy.

Photo Credit: Anastasia Tomasi

Artist's Statement: I do not actively pursue subjects, the muses make themselves apparent to me, in my dreams and my reality. I am a medium in which they guide and my experiences and desires lend themselves to what they wish to communicate. They are concerned with fragments and my perception fixes itself on a single point: a hip, a flower, a tile and often matter ceases to exist past these points- there is a void, uncertainty, or world that exists outside the painted subject.


Povos Chicago, Illinois 2021
Divulgarti Palazzo Ducale Genova, Italy 2019-2020

CAD Palazzo Saluzzo Genova, Italy 2019

Nocturnal Pop Montclair, New Jersey 2018

LINM Jersey City, New Jersey 2018

Can-O-Paint New Brunswick, New Jersey 2017

Industry City Brooklyn, New York 2015

Los Perros Locos New York, New York 2015

Art Kitchen Newark, New Jersey 2013