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Alexandra Fongaro was born in New Jersey in 1993. She currently lives and works in Rome.(Photo by Claudia Rolandi)



Entranced by the delicate interplay between the impossible, the infinite, through the lawlessness of water-based media, flora and fauna are deeply rooted in the continuation of the language of tradition, seek eternity, avoiding explicit references that might betray the confines of our time.

Tethered by the tangible constraints of canvas, paper, glass, or wood, stages for a narrative unfolding within the framework of a void invite viewers into a world that transcends the temporal and the ordinary. Guided by subtle movements that endure through the ages, the ever-changing landscape of our flesh is recorded. Working within the boundaries of figurative representation, the xylem of our existence is fossilized.

An exploration of the internal and metaphysical is made, an endeavour to transport the audience beyond the confines of what apparently seems quotidien through the vessel of transfiguration that exceeds the confines of time.

Teatro Sala Umberto I | Rome, Italy Double Solo exhibition curated by Giorgia Grassi
Ottica Spiezia | Rome, Italy Installation
curated by Benedetta Monti
Arte in Costruzione Ricci S.p.
A. Grant | Rome, Italy
Curva Pura | Rome, Italy Double solo exhibition c
urated by Nicoletta Provenzano

Berry Campbell 
| New York City, NY Postcards from the Edge
PRAC | Ponzano Romano, Italy
La Natura delle Cose curated by Graziano Menolascina 

Contemporanea Art | Tagliacozzo, Italy Finalist for X Edition Prize
Palazzo Farnese | Rome, Italy In collaboration with Institut Français Italia & the French Embassy 
Casa Cent'anni | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Roberta Argenta
YAG Garage | Pescara, Italy Finalist for Lazio Prize III Edition

Studio Longo | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Valeria De Siero
Laboratorio KH | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto
La Nuova Pesa | Rome, Italy Group show curated by Andrea Aquilanti & Fabrizio Pizzuto

Piazze Romane Grant | Rome, Italy Winner in Collaboration with Municipio I Roma 
Povos | Chicago, Illinois

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